Yoga is officially sexy.

I had two articles forwarded to me last month.
They both were about yoga.  They both mentioned sex. 

Because the two are as intertwined as your arms and legs in Eagle Pose.

I’ve attached the links below for your reading pleasure, but I’ll go ahead and extract some of the juicy parts for you.

The first link is from an NPR Fresh Air show featuring William J. Broad the author of the recently published book “The Science of Yoga: The Risks and Rewards.”  There’s lots of great information in the story, but of course I honed in on this quote from Broad about yoga practitioners:

“…people see rises in sex hormones — particularly in testosterone — brain waves getting zipped up in the same way that lovers' brains look when they're in deep pleasure."

And this one:

“…recently, there were studies in India where they looked at married couples who took up yoga and surveyed them before and after. Across the board, it's improvement in desire, arousal, orgasm, overall satisfaction. Men have better erections. Women feel more emotional closeness with partners. It definitely does lots of good stuff."

The second link is from a New York Times article written by Broad that discussed the latest sex scandal in the yoga world and why it keeps happening.

Turns out the marriage of yoga and sex goes back to its origins in Tantra. Even though the founders of modern yoga tried to shift the focus towards health and fitness, evidently the ancient eroticism inherent in the practice just keeps rising. 

Like an erection.

Bond writes:

“…many have discovered from personal experience that the practice can fan the sexual flames. Pelvic regions can feel more sensitive and orgasms more intense.

 …scientists are investigating how yoga and related practices can foster autoerotic bliss. It turns out that some individuals can think themselves into states of sexual ecstasy — a phenomenon known clinically as spontaneous orgasm and popularly as “thinking off.”

I’ve been practicing yoga for twelve years. 

It’s all true.

Now that I think about it, I started writing erotica about the same time I started practicing yoga regularly. Yoga not only quieted my inner critic and my inner Catholic girl, it awakened my clitoris and my erotic voice.

So if your mat has been rolled up in the corner of your living room for a while, now you have one more very compelling reason to roll it out. 

Sexy Links:

Transcript of Bond's interview on NPR.

Bond's New York Times article.

3/22/2012 01:05:07 am

Oh my, how I love this part..."Yoga not only quieted my inner critic and my inner Catholic girl, it awakened my clitoris and my erotic voice."

3/22/2012 01:06:59 am

I forgot to add in my last comment, keep writing.. please. I adore your blog, openness and how your writing allows others (myself included) to stoke the inner sensual fires. love it.


3/22/2012 05:03:34 am

Thanks so much Diane. It thrills me to know that I'm not the only one enjoying this blog.

Stoking the sensual fires~ I love that. Here's to keeping them burning hot.

3/25/2012 08:50:10 am

I love your blog 2!

lady ames
2/24/2013 12:36:40 am

Cc, I love your writing only I do not have enough hours in my day to truley enjoy I am one of your readers that has to play catch up. Like now the family is awake but thank you for a wonderful morning of a different kind of pleasure.

4/18/2013 02:57:05 pm

While I have read your article, and agree with most of the writer’s propositions, your writer has given me plenty to think about. I will be rereading the article in order to catch more information.


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