There is so much moon here in Colorado, such a vast big sky gallery for her to hang.

I spied her my first night at the cabin, a slender crecent rising from the east, hours before dawn.

While flowing through some yoga poses on the deck in the morning, I caught her hovering above me in all that impossible blue.  I took her cue, moved into a forward bend and held it, mimicking the elegance of her C-like curve with my spine.

She was present in her absence that night as she allowed the stars to take center stage and dazzle against an ink-black sky.

She's waning, sharing less of herself with each passing day.

So am I.
5/18/2012 11:34:54 pm

love it but want more! I just dropped "Barn Kitty" off at school to go to Denver so she can captivate thousands with her flute{the instrument of the fairies}at Elitches. I have waited to have this day alone with my husband for what seems like years! One would think after 23 years I would not need inspiration but I do. Wait....I've read your archives...I,believe it or not,have the power to be sexy! Thanks

6/12/2012 02:27:03 am

You have always had so much sexual power and charisma. Hope I'm not ruining it, but part of your mystique is that you have no idea.

5/19/2012 10:55:43 am

ah, the need for retreat. self connection and self intimacy as such the foundation for connection and intimacy with others. i honor you taking the time and space you need to be with the moon, your body, the land where you first connected with you man. fill up your sexy well, dear one. then, when you're ready, share.

5/19/2012 10:56:44 am

and YES to Ames -- you Do have the POWER to be SEXY!!! own it, celebrate it and enjoy it.

5/22/2012 01:30:20 am

May the yin of the moon fill you up with many more sexy stories and power of the solstice dance it's way back to you and all your wonderful intentions.


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