Last week I blogged about Esalen and surrendering fully to the sensuality of a place. That wasn’t the first time I’ve done that.

In think Esalen and Breighton Bush are two of the most sensuous places in the States. They have amazing old-growth forests and meditation rooms that are so exquisite that even my restless thoughts want to stay. 

But I think what launches the sensuality factor off the charts is that they both have outdoor hot springs where bathing suits are optional.  


Everyone tends to opt out which has the fascinating effect of de-sexualizing nudity.

I LOVE this. 

I love how it encourages me to steep deeply in the awareness that my body is a gift to be cherished and how the cultural norm of comparing it to unachievable standards starts to melt away.

I love the relaxation and confidence that results and how comfortable I feel in my own skin. 

I love the openness it brings to these communities, the trust it fosters, so when we are all dressed and gathered to dine, there’s this sacred intimacy that allows us to share deeply over our organic greens and quinoa. 

And that, to me, is ultimately sexy.

Sexy Prod:  Tell me about your clothing optional experiences.  

from cambridge
8/11/2013 05:44:25 am

i've never been to a hot springs! and i haven't been in a clothing optional environment, ever. But your post reminds me of how much i love the locker room at my all women's gym here in Cambridge. It's called Healthworks and the wet area with the showers, sauna, steam and hot tub are lovely and it's a place where women of all ages, shapes, sizes come to relax and cleanse. It's nurturing and comforting and healing.

C.C. Havens
8/12/2013 12:38:58 pm

From Cambridge! Never been to hot springs? Imagine dropping your gym spa area into a mystical rain forest or wedging it up on a cliff above the Pacific Ocean. Imagine that the water is non-chlorinated, infused with minerals and heated by the earth.

Come West Young Woman!

8/17/2013 08:55:36 am

As i noted (on G+) about your post on Esalen, you've a gift for making the already-alluring beauty of the places into which you delve even more seductive. I've not had any (public) clothing-optional experiences, but your post made me seriously consider why that's so.

C.C. Havens
9/1/2013 06:46:23 am

Madeleine, you Greek Goddess, I'm so glad the clothing-optional seed has been planted. Come back and I will water it for you.

Rev. Robert
8/20/2013 05:42:16 pm

I went to a nudist resort once. Being winter, it was indoors, and 20 people in a spa built for 8 was an adventure.

C.C. Havens
9/1/2013 06:51:34 am

Rev. Robert, welcome to the party! I'm so thrilled to find a man of spirit and adventure here in the comments. You mentioned that you went to a nudist resort 'once'. Was once enough? I've never been, I so love the sensuality of adorning the body in clothing. But I would love to hear more from you or anyone about their experiences at a nudist community.


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