I’m posting a day early because it’s Halloween. We get to dress in costume, slip into character and become someone else for the night.

So why not do it more often?  With your lover.  In a role play.

I touched on this concept last week with Miss Kitty but I think it begs for more discussion.  Because even though finding a soul mate, a trusted lover and a life companion is one of the greatest gifts in life, there’s that little bitty part about never having a new lover again.


Not the most erotic reality.

So change it.

Become the naughty schoolgirl, the sexy neighbor, the French chamber maid, the doctor, the dominatrix, the erotic photographer, the stripper, the intern, the bodyguard, the nanny, the Chippendales dancer, the personal trainer, the prom queen.

Don a wig, heels, dramatic make up, ripped fishnet stockings, skin tight silk boxer briefs. Play with props: a cigarette, a feather boa, a stethoscope, a feather duster, a string of pearls. 

I don’t care who you become or what you wear just get outside yourself.  Get into character.  See what words come out of your mouth.  See how differently your hands move across the landscape of your lover’s skin.

Get warmed up to the idea tonight.  And when your lover gives you the choice between trick or treat, summon your inner call girl and go for the trick.

Sexy Prompt:

Let’s start now.  You are the role-playing neophyte.  I am the expert.  Ask away.


Share one of your favorite sexy role plays and I’ll share some of mine.

11/4/2012 06:23:50 am

i love your blog. thank you for writing. i loved reading about miss kitty and her southern drawl. tell us more about your role plays :-) please!

11/7/2012 10:12:47 pm

Katarina the Swedish Call Girl has been known to helicopter into the cabin at Christmas. This comment box is too small to due her justice. Perhaps she will show up again this year and I can give her an entire blog post.

Darcy Jean
11/18/2012 01:02:18 pm

Maybe you can give me some advice. I want to role play with my partner. However, our libidos are different..mine being exceptionally high and his being exceptionally low. It doesn't bother me because I have a health sexual relationship with myself. However, when it comes to role playing my partner is hesitant. Not because he isn't game, but he worries about us conquering too much sexual stuff too early. Both of us are newcomers to long term relationships. Any suggestions on what I can say or do to convince him this is not the case? My inner sexual actress is craving a release!

11/25/2012 11:01:00 am

I'd love to give you some advice Darcy Jean. feel honored to be asked. If you need more input than this box allows, e-mail me at and we can get a little deeper with this

But for starters, my advice is to ease into role playing slowly. Honor your man's desire to not conquer too much too soon. Perhaps he could play the one with the high libido and your sexual actress could explore feeling hesitant.

Am I remembering right Darcy Jean, don't you have an Inner Catholic Girl? Got a plaid skirt, white shirt and some knee socks lying around?

9/26/2013 04:04:53 am

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