How are you responding to life lately?

There’s the stress response:  constantly multitasking, always feeling behind, not sleeping, downing caffeine to compensate… basically my life for the month of August. Not so sexy.

There’s the relaxation response: slowing the breath, quieting the thoughts, letting the tension in the muscles dissolve. Sexier for sure, but so polar opposite of the stress response that it can be hard to get there…basically my life so far in September. 

I’m weary from swinging manically between the two. I want to feel more balanced, more sensually integrated.

I want the sexy response.

The sexy response is somewhere between the other two~excited, productive and fired up about life, but maintaining a sense of awareness, ease and sexiness about it all.

This is my mission for October.  

Since my man and I are long distance until November, I’ll be cultivating the sexy response for myself and then letting it ooze out to him through texts, e-mails and lust letters.

I’ve just coined this phrase so I’d love your ideas on how best to achieve it.  This is what I’ve come up with so far for me:

Sleeping in a few mornings a week, reading erotica, fantasizing. (Note to self: check batteries in vibrator)

Displaying my teddies and lingerie gowns on the hooks beside my bed so I wear them. Besides, they are all so pretty, like pieces of art, and way too fabulous to be crammed in a drawer.

Slowing down and savoring my evening meal with a glass of wine or candlelight or both.

Luxuriating in a hot bath with essential oils a few nights a week.

Allowing myself the time to sink into my yoga and meditation practices, if even for just 15 minutes.

Cultivating gratitude every day.

What subtle changes would help you engage the sexy response?

10/1/2012 06:48:51 am

getting my hair highlighted and blown out almost always helps.

10/3/2012 11:05:52 pm

I agree, the salon and spa treatments--highlights, pedicures, massages, facials. They all engage the sexy response.


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