The foreword to my memoir reads like this:

 In 2001, I was with the wrong man for all the right reasons. He was a nice guy.  He loved my dog.  He made me laugh.

But the passion and emotional commitment that was lacking in our relationship made me cry as well. After seven years we had never followed through on the engagement and we were no longer living together.  But neither one of us could quite let go.

I sought solace in yoga and meditation and let go of my obsession of trying to figure things out. I started channeling all my longing and sexual fantasies into an erotic romance novel.  My female protagonist had not one, but two, sexy men of the West vying for her attention. 

A year into the draft of that story, a ruggedly handsome adventurer walked into my yoga studio.  He was a mind-blowing manifestation of the heroic qualities of both my male leads blended into one...

Pretty soon after that, I abandoned the novel and started writing erotic essays.

My point?


I’m continually amazed by the power of a written intention.

My novel manifested my man.  My erotic essays have sustained my passionate marriage. And this blog! I am always thinking about sensual topics to blog about now. I vibrate at a much sexier frequency now than I did in October. That is just the way the universe works. Energy flows where intentions goes.

For example, a few weeks ago I was working on a blog post about my first erotica reading last spring at the Seattle Erotic Art Festival.  Before I even posted it, two women friends approached me and asked me to do an erotica reading for a women’s gathering. Coincidence?  I think not.

The reading is this weekend.  I can hardly wait to tease, tease, tease.  I plan to leave these Northeast Oregonian women begging for more which will drive me to stay on task with researching (yawn) publishing options.

So things are really starting to simmer here at the sexy manifestation blog. This week I’m inviting you to jump in the pot.

What are you ready to manifest?

Write it down.

You can scribble it in your journal or tack it on your fridge like you've probably done in the past.

But, The Powers That Be love and respond to boldness. Go ahead and give your empowered, sexy self a pen name and unveil your deepest desire in the comments sections. 

Every time you read my weekly offering, make a comment, share my website with a friend or 'like'  it on Facebook, you are supporting my vision. I’d love to do the same for you.  Besides, I’d like to get to know you.

Tell me: What makes you wet, what makes you hard, just thinking about it?

And then get ready to show up when it starts happening.

That’s all for this week.  I have an erotica reading to prepare.

Sexy Link:
The classic book on Creative Visualization from Shakti Gawain is an oldie but a goodie.  If you know of any others, please enlighten me in the comments section.
2/9/2012 08:26:30 am

Work hardens us
Practice advances us
Actions define us
Kisses ignites us
Forplay improves us
Sex enlightens us
Laughing relaxes us...
Ahhh it's good to be us!

2/10/2012 01:56:15 am

Kisses ignite. Sex enlightens. Yum. Love your prose, Chic. SexyThankYouMorePlease

2/10/2012 07:14:35 am

Last night I returned to the Belly Up bar in Aspen Colorado, excitedly anticipating a hippie dance party with a band called moe.. It was the high energy, jam band variety, the kind where everyone-even if they had never even heard of the band before-was up on their feet dancing, twirling, head bobbing and even fist pumping and grooving to the music. There was a strong groove vibe permeating the entire venue. Good fun. But somehow, it was all different from the last time I visited the Belly Up. That was on New Year's Eve, a few months back. My husband had purchased reserved seating tickets to the Jane's Addiction show at Belly Up for my Christmas gift. I had wanted to see Jane's Addiction at the Belly Up on New Years Eve for several years, and my dream was about to be realized. How lucky was I?? That evening when the waitress lead us to our reserved seats, I was filled with such uncontainable excitement, I could hardly stand it. I was actually going to be 20 feet away from the hottest man on the planet, who would be skillfully playing guitar with his shirt off, tatts shape shifting themselves on his sculpted chest with his perfectly formed lips, always wearing a wry smile, concentrated intently on his work. When the band came out on stage and started playing, I was transported far away from a simple venue in Aspen and jettisoned to a place of heat and energy, power and dance, excitement and desire. I stared at that gorgeous man, Dave Navarro...I even tried to flirt with him when the stage lights swept over me. I was wearing knee high black leather boots, black and rhinestone flared pants, a pink faux fir vest, perfectly sized cock ring siver earrings, motorhead hat and white boa. Now, if that doesn't make a woman feel downright, forthright, ready for sex tonight empowered...well, you might just be too far gone. I did catch that guitarist's attention. My head was spinning, ensnaring his heat, face flush, tingling between the legs. Could I possibly orgasm listening to this music?? His music? Passionately shaking my head, blonde hair flying, fist in the air, wildly jumping up and down, eyes closed, grabbing desire...wanting, longing, lusting, peaking intensity. Yes, I think I can. I think I just did. My wonderful husband of 11 years knows this. It makes him smile and chuckle and shake his head endearingly. Then it makes him want to take me home and allow me to unleash that heat and energy onto him. The lucky recipient of my lust for another man. The rightful one on this New Year's Eve.

2/10/2012 10:36:12 pm

Trixie! Your dance floor orgasm just about triggered a desk top one for me. I want to go Belly Up with you.

2/11/2012 05:58:12 am

Hello, C.C. You cast, I bit. Told ya. Let's go dancin!

2/20/2012 10:46:44 am

Here is one part of my Sexy Manifesto that I will express boldy here:

I want to publish my erotic memoir and have it rock women and men across the world to their cores. I have a vision of a sexy trade paperback that could slip easily into bed, but I am open to any publishing format that will best serve me and growing readership.

This or something better...

Hot to Trot
2/24/2012 03:59:36 am

You go girl on that erotic memoir!!! I want to start writing again - get rid of my blocks. Not sure what will come of it but i intend to write - every day.

Hot to Trot
2/24/2012 04:30:03 am

Clothes and Sexy
I am fascinated with clothes and how they alter my mood and sexiness. To feel sexy in clothes they need to be tight, skimpy, reveal the best parts of my aging but athletic body. Short is good because I have terrific legs; plunging necklines flaunt my bust. Sleeveless is a no go because of flabby arms. Then there is the problem of winter – the clothes that help me feel sexy also provide no warmth. And if I am cold sex is the last thing on my mind. But my hubby is warm and snuggling up next to him under the covers is a terrific stimulant as long as the covers stay put. One bare part and I am distracted. So how do female Inuits express their sexiness? Can we have erotic love dressed like Nanuck of the North? When I was younger I remember foreplay in the snow, wrestling and then a quickie – little flesh exposed. But I could thermoregulate at that age. So is winter for sexual hibernation?

2/24/2012 06:23:07 am

Hot To Trot! You can canter into my blog anytime.

No sexual hibernation, no! Yesterday I went and plunked down $70 bucks for a heated mattress pad because climbing into bed in shapeless black fleece pants and a Smartwool tee just isn't sexy.

I plan to turn it on before dinner and let it simmer... until it's time for dessert.

Hot to Trot
2/24/2012 08:09:32 am

CC: Terrific idea about the mattress pad.

I love this blog and will visit it again!!

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