Summer is such a sexy time of year. 

But it still feels like a cool, wet spring here in Oregon.  I haven't yet hooked into that sultry summer vibe.

I’ve had a few sexy moments. 

After my first pedicure in years, I strutted around the house in some high-heeled sandals admiring my Come To Bed Red toenails. 

A hooping class last Friday night left me all hot and bothered.  In case you didn't know, hooping instructors are some of the sexiest beings on the planet.

Oh! Oh! And there was this super sexy moment after my erotica reading when my man and I were walking through Seattle. I made eye contact with a young Harry Connick Jr. look-alike as he walked towards us with some friends. He had a lock of dark hair that fell recklessly over one eye, leaving the other one that much bigger and bluer.  

We shared a smile.
As our bodies brushed passed each other, he whispered so only I could hear, “You’re cute as hell.”

He only slurred his words a little,  I swear.

But all those moments were like Fourth of July fireworks, bright and exciting but fading quickly into a dark cloudy sky.

I need something more sustaining. Or more of those sexy little gems all strung together.  Or a river trip. More yoga for sure.

My dear readers, help me out this week.

What’s making you feel sexy this summer?

6/29/2012 09:18:32 am

Have a great Birthday! Do something fun and sexy.

6/29/2012 02:15:53 pm

Me? Do something fun and sexy? That would be so out of character.

The champagne is chilling...

7/2/2012 10:59:06 pm

Reading your blog ;-)

Chick Collings
7/8/2012 09:56:51 am

Something sexy...let's see...I  found a woman who's birthday was the same as mine. 7/7 a sensual number to be sure. I was celebrating to be sure on that unforgettable evening. She sauntered up to where I was standing, looking sinuous and slightly sinfull. I took in her measure as any awe struck male would have done. She was magnificent. As I am 6'2" (with boots) she almost stood eye to eye, large almost anime inspired golden orbs bored into me. Surreal,  hypnotic eyes stared at me as she locked my soul in her stealy gaze. Her curvaceous body slid next to mine, I couldn't breathe. I almost couldn't talk... But I fought through the haze, I was able to find the strength to make my mouth work. I took her hand, I set my jaw, we stared at each other as if we were the only two people in the universe... I opened my mouth and two incredible words came forth...
   I Do

7/16/2012 03:08:15 am

Is anyone else getting blown away by this sexy man's prose?

Chic, you absolutely MUST keep writing. Especially now since you finally found her. The same birthday? Really?

You've wed your Cancer Crab match! We must get together, have some celebratory champagne and then we can all retreat to our separate rooms to shell out.


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