When I first met my man he brought me here. 

I could write an entire blog post about that. 

Oh wait, I did.

When the snow melted, he loaded his kayaks on top of his  truck, made sure I knew how to work the solar system, and left me for six weeks to go make love to his favorite river in California.

The cabin is in a gated community...


...with high security.

So even though it's isolated, on 120 acres in the mountains of Colorado, I felt safe.

But my Inner Child felt totally abandoned and lonely.

I meditated a lot with the mountain to the south...

...and tapped into my Inner Stripper.
She enpowered me to write erotic essays about the river and the threesome dynamic of my relationship. 

And now my man isn't the only one who runs off in the spring to chase a passion.


For the next three weeks I'll be on my writer's path, going solo and deep as I put the finishing touches on my erotic memoir. 

Cell converage at the cabin is questionable and Internet access doesn't exist. So blogging will be random and limited to chance encounters with wireless on trips into civilization.

Where are you running off to this spring?  Tell me about it in the comments.

Madison Snow
5/10/2012 03:26:19 am

I know this special place will provide the perfect erotica writing space with the moon and solitude hoisting up all the lusciousness that nature can muster. I wish you well my friend . . .

Spook Bond
5/10/2012 02:16:36 pm

So that's what it looks like! You guys have totally one-upped Ted Kaczynski. Now write away you little erotica-meister.

5/10/2012 09:39:22 pm

The pictures are so great. I am so busy we are not running off anywhere this spring. I'll just wait till summer when time is freedom!

5/11/2012 03:56:15 am

Im so in love with the post. I adore the photos of you, what a natural beauty! No wonder your man likes to pounce. So happy for you to step into your creative dreamland with your writing. Ill be in line to buy a copy of your memoir and get your signature.

Your blog has really helped me tap into a side of myself that has been asking for expression. I appreciate you!

Peace ~

5/13/2012 10:22:12 pm

love the images. would love to hear the recollections of how you nurtured your inner child while he took his river trip. you must have done a great job for her to want to go and be alone there for 3 weeks. can't wait to read what you return with!!! thank you for blogging.
you inspire me

6/14/2012 01:02:31 am

Chapter 14 in the memoir goes on and on about that. I've been trying to work up the ruthlessness to hack away at it and get right to the solo sex scene but your comment gives me pause. Thanks.

Here's a line from it, one of my favorites:

Since he isn’t around to frost with all my love and adoration, I find myself sitting with a big bowl of icing and I’m the only cake in sight.


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