In my last blog post, I mentioned skinny dipping in Lake Michigan.

When was the last time you took a naked plunge?

For me, the August evening was cool and damp after an afternoon of thundershowers.  I didn’t feel one bit like stripping off my clothes and jumping into the water. But because of the weather, the stunning beach I was on in a national park at the height of tourist season was miraculously empty.

So I went for it.

I did it for the blog. Ms. Blog Me Sexy makes me walk my talk and will not tolerate a missed sexy opportunity.

I did it for the nostalgia.  I grew up skinny dipping on this beach when it was easy to do, before my childhood home got the blessing/curse distinction as one of the most beautiful places in North America.

I did it for the thrill. Park rangers regularly patrol these beaches that have signs proclaiming: Public Nudity is Prohibited.  Prohibited! Think of the spanking I'd get if I got caught.

I did it because swimming naked is one of the most sensuous things in the world to do. There is nothing quite like the sensation of cool water infiltrating every crevice of your body.

I did it because otherwise, that beach walk would have blurred into the hundreds of others I’ve taken on that beach in my life.

Now I’ll never forget that mermaid-like feeling of floating on my back with arms stretched over my head, my hair matted like seaweed against my breasts as I dolphin-kicked under a slate-blue sky that turned Lake Michigan the same foreboding color.

Tell me your favorite skinny dipping story.

9/3/2012 07:55:46 am

you are so brave. i've never skinny dipped. I recently watched the movie My Week With Marilyn (very sexy bits) and there was a super sexy skinny dipping scene in it.

9/6/2012 01:12:25 am

I loved that scene in My Week With Marilyn.

Never skinny dipped? Hmmm...perhaps now that a seed has been planted, an opportunity will present.

It's better than ice cream, Jude.

Cap'n Bob
9/21/2012 05:27:49 am

I was 11. The Boys Club in Norfolk, VA, had an indoor pool and swim suits were verboten. The first time I did it co-ed was at a nudist place when I was about 35.

10/3/2012 11:22:22 pm

Cap'n Bob! So sexy to find you here again.

I want to hear more about the nudist place. A beach? A hot spring?

Have you been to Breighton Bush Hot Springs south of Portland? Clothing is optional and everyone opts out and it's so comfortable and natural and fabulous. There's a blog post about it in the archives. April 12.


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