I had a great sexy song experience last weekend.

On Saturday night my man was about to shut down Pandora radio so we could watch a movie when one of my favorite Bruce Springsteen songs came on.

“Wait, wait!” I said. “This is one of the sexiest songs ever.”

My man knows the benefits of indulging my sexy whims.  He paused and listened with me.

Tell me now baby is he good to you?
Can he do to you the things that I do?
I can take you higher.
Oooh I'm on fire

Those lyrics, and the smoldering way Springsteen delivers them, always get me, right down to my cervix.

The song struck a chord with my man as well. Even after the film, I heard him humming the melody as he moved through the house shutting off the lights.

The next morning I was astride him, our hips moving together in a slow, sultry Sunday morning cadence, when I felt a spark at my G-spot. My hips responded by moving faster, craving more friction, more heat and that exquisite burn.

My man grabbed my hips and intensified our rhythm until we both ignited in a burst of ecstasy.

I collapsed in a heap on his chest, the heat of our release and a space heater keeping us warm above the covers on a cool spring morning.

Our breathing slowed as we started to melt even deeper into each other. I inhaled, one of those deep satisfying breaths, and sat up in alarm.

“Something’s burning,” my man said. Our eyes met and our bodies reacted. 

I moved towards the kitchen since I’m famous for leaving burners on. He went for the pit bull who loves to lie so close to our space heater that his fur gets too hot to touch.

The kitchen was cold and odorless so I ran back to the bedroom.  The pit bull was fine and getting a belly rub.

The scorching smell was gone.  Relieved but a bit puzzled, we shrugged it off and moved towards breakfast.

As I scrambled some eggs, my lips curled in a knowing smile when I heard my man’s voice echoing like Springsteen’s from the shower.   

Oooh I’m on fire.

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What is your sexiest song ever?  Share it with me in the comments.

4/20/2012 02:11:13 am

That is a good question and I realized I don't have a sexy song. Looks like I will keeping a keen ear out for my sexy song. It's like Elizabeth Gilbert of Eat,Pray,Love looking for her "word"...I'll let you know when I find my song.


4/22/2012 09:15:38 am

I look forward to it, Di. I have quite a sexy playlist going these days, especially since this post put the idea front and center. It's great for hooping, vinyasa yoga, champagne with my man.

I'm always looking to expand it...

9/7/2012 03:58:02 am

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