I did it.

I found the sexy in taxes.

I’ll admit, it wasn’t easy. But I’m pretty determined here at Blog Me Sexy. 

At first, I found myself doing that typical procrastination thing.  A snack. A nap.  A cup of tea. Cleaning.

So let me deviate here for a moment and state loud and clear to myself and anyone else that needs to hear this: 

Procrastinating is so not sexy. 

It magnifies that which you are dreading, prolongs it, and more than doubles the agony. As soon as that light bulb when off, I resigned myself to a night with my calculator, determined to crank through my financial records and get back to living my sexy life.

But then something unexpected happened.  As I was reconciling my receipts with my credit card statements, I saw charges from all the sexy things I did last year.  Like this. And this. And this.  And her

Suddenly retracing my financial steps through the year got really juicy.  I got to relish in those sexy moments all over again…

…and start strategizing sexy expenses for this year.

Sexy Link:

I was curious and typed the words  'sexy' and 'taxes' into a Google search.  Voila!  Check out this blog: Budgets are Sexy

Under the column 10 Sexiest Posts, I found this post with tips on becoming a phone sex operator.

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