I’ve totally depleted myself of sexy.  There’s not a single drop left.

My man and I moved our life and our two businesses from Oregon to Colorado this past week. 

In case you haven’t done it in a while, moving is so not sexy. 

I kept myself going in the 95 degree heat with iced americanos, an indulgence I can't really afford because caffeine makes me feel so stimulated, so empowered, so sexy that I feel like I can do anything and everything until it wears off and I’m left in a heap with shaking hands desperately awaiting my next fix.

Today I absolutely must stop.  I have to quit borrowing on energy I don’t have.  For me, caffeine is an energetic debit card and after last week, my account is in the red.

Not long ago I was flush on sexiness.  Earlier this month I was flirting with other writers at a conference and skinny dipping in Lake Michigan.

If only I had stored some of that in a sexy piggy bank, like the ones I saw at a discount store that were all blinged out with rhinestones, looking like they could hold just enough sexy to jump start my clit.  I could hold that sparkling piggy over my head, pull out the plug and let all that stored sensuality rain down on me like golden coins.

I’m going to take that image to my yoga mat and start paying off this debt.

This weekend we have a wedding in Steamboat Springs that will be oozing with sexiness. Two friends will pledge their love, lives and lust to each other. How sexy is that?

I’m going to soak it up.

And bank it.

Sexy Prod:

What fills your sexy piggy?

What depletes it?

To my cherished readers: Internet connection has been a challenge lately and will continue to be so for the next ten days as we move into some remote travel.  This  blog will be random at best for the next two weeks.

8/25/2012 06:30:35 pm

It sounds like you and I have similar alignments with it comes to coffee. I am in the constant deplete mode right now. We are 9 months away from moving from the UK back to the great USA and I have to clean everything and get rid of all the little stuff that has been hiding in our over stuffed UK house. I will have to tell you that I think I depleted my sexiness about 3 years ago.


8/28/2012 11:42:36 am


The first step to getting your sexy back (besides reading this blog)is recognizing what took it. So you are on the right path.

If you feel like sharing more, I'd like to know what happened three years ago that started this depletion.

I feel such empathy for you, facing such a big move. But you are excited to be coming back to the USA, yes?

I'll be out of internet range for about a week starting this Thursday, but I would love to chat more. In my absence, I''m sure there are many readers out there who could lend some of their exprerience and wisdom to the conversation.

We all lose our sexy way. You are not alone.

You can get it back.

8/27/2012 05:09:04 am

What a great question! What fills it, lazy Sunday mornings with, admittedly a bit of coffee and snuggle time on the couch and a sense of more then enough time to do whatever I feel like. The chance to kiss my lover after he's clean shaven in the morning. What depletes it? worrying about things beyond my control, not asking for help, holding fears inside, making a equal deposit in the guilt bank every time I make a sexy bank deposit.

Here's another question: How do you close the guilt bank bank?

8/28/2012 12:12:55 pm


If I understand correctly, you want insight on how to abolish the guilt of making sexy deposits. How do you close the guilt account?

Great question. I wrestle with this myself.

For me, I've identified my Inner Catholic Girl as the part of me who likes to go on guilt trips around sexiness.

So I think the first step is to get to know this part of you who feels guilty for being so fabulously sensuous.

How old is she? What is her primary belief? Where does her voice come from? Get out a piece of paper, put your pen in your non-dominant hand (to better access your subconscious) and ask her: Why are you so uncomfortable with sexy deposits?

See what she has to say.

Anyone else have any insight?

8/29/2012 06:20:19 am

What fills my sexy piggy? Self care - self connection, being in nature, a long bath, giving myself a massage, even better - getting a massage, getting a manicure,... eating fresh organic strawberries slowly and mindfully and sensually...reading your blog. thank you for putting your sexy, spiritual essence and intention out there

8/30/2012 12:41:56 am

Eating fresh organic strawberries sensually~yum! that sounds like a great guilt-free way to fill the piggy.

Jude, you gave me some great advice about housework in one of your comments a few weeks back~thinking about it as setting a sexy stage for lovemaking. I've been thinking about that as I put my new bedroom in Colorado together...

8/29/2012 11:10:31 am

we are flying to Minnesota for a fun wedding. finally some us time alone with out the kids. Now that is something rare and will bring back our days of alone and just all about us time. can't wait. C'est la vie

8/30/2012 12:45:12 am

You and your man alone at a wedding without kids?! My hands are starting to t-t-t-t-tremble just thinking about that. Enjoy every second of that sexy time together. Bank it.


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