Wildness is incredibly sexy to me.

I married a whitewater kayaker. I live at 8,000 feet where there are more elk than people.

And I blog about Sexy Owl Moments (SOM's)

I've seen quite a few owls in the same stretch of river that inspired my first SOM post. But they always see me first. All I've caught is a retreating wing span floating over the river.  No full body sensory orgasmic moments.  Nothing worth blogging about.

But a few weeks ago I got lucky.

My hiking buddies, a pitbull and two labs, were hugging the frozen river bank as  I navigated a game trail in my snowshoes.  I paused to feel the rising sun on my face and marvel at their four-legged agility and contagious joy as they bashed through a tangle of willows.

I wasn't the only one watching.


The small Great Horned owl was so busy keeping his eyes on the dogs that he didn't notice me standing less than fifteen feet away. He must have sense my elevated heart rate and quick intake of breath when I realized he wasn't just a thick cluster of willow branches, because as soon as my brain registered Owl, he turned his head my way.

My body swayed like seaweed on the ocean floor as I tried to get a better glimpse of him through the branches and he was doing the same and there was a second, one sexy second, where our eyes ~wide, searching and alert~ met.

The flash of his wild yellow irises seared into the blue of mine and I felt his fire burn all the way to my toes and my god I live for moments like that.

Sexy Prod:  

How about you?  Have any sexy wild encounters to share?

2/9/2014 06:56:54 am

I loved the last sentence.
At first I thought it interesting to call a moment like this sexy. But if one defines sexy as confident and beautiful, I can understand the logic. As an outdoorsman, I've had moments like these when I've gotten to witness an animal without them being aware of my presence. Whether it's a bull elk during the rut bugling 50 feet from me or watching a bald eagle land in a tree under which I was sitting, moments like these are powerful. Maybe there is something about powerful moments that builds our confidence? Or is it just allowing us to be 100% hooked-in for just a moment? Whatever it is, I like the thought of adding "sexy" to these powerful moments.

C.C. Havens
2/10/2014 03:48:54 am

Well hello Herman,

So sexy to find you and your insightful comment here.

I'm thrilled that you can get your head around the idea that making eye contact with a wild raptor is a sexy moment. And I love how you articulated that being 100% hooked in, if even for a moment,connects us to our power and sensuality.

So whether it's on a yoga mat, a dance floor or watching a bull elk in rut...that place... is an ultimately sexy place.

Here's to many such moments.

2/12/2014 08:47:45 am


I love your blog! Thank u


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