In the mountain community where I live, many of the businesses host open houses during the holidays.  It’s a great tradition with lots of wine, cheese and sexy conversation. 
So I’ve decided to extend the concept to my blog.
For the month of December, Blog Me Sexy is hosting an open house. 

I wish I could engage you with a glass of Pinot Noir and some imported Gruyere Swiss, but since I can’t, we’ll have to focus on the sexy conversation part.

I’ve been blogging me sexy for over a year now.  My dear readers, you know so much about me.

I want to know you. 

I want to know what makes you wet, what makes you hard, what makes your body pulse with passion.  I want to know about the fun flirtation at the office Christmas party, the old lover you ran into while visiting your parents, the fabulous dress you have for New Year’s Eve. I want to know why you read this blog, what you like, what you don’t like, what you’d like to see from it in the New Year.

This month I’ll be deviating from my Sexy Thursday blogging schedule and will be posting sporadically (if at all) between open houses, solstice yoga classes and back country skiing in the Tetons.  

But I’ll be checking in to comment on your comments.

So if you haven’t already, give your sexy self a pen name and blog sexy with me.

I look forward to the dialogue.

Sexy Tease:
I’m working on an essay about orgasmitivity (love that word, don’t you?). It’s getting pretty deep and involved for a single blog post.  I hope to ring in the New Year by unveiling it in a two or three part series 

11/29/2012 12:19:02 am

I'm excited about your essay about orgasmitivity!!! What a fun teaser.

Honestly, I think the sexiest thing for me is feeling wanted. It's so arousing for me when my lover is aroused. I remember the first time we kissed and I felt his erection and it was like "wow, he wants me."
That feeling of being desired... that's what turns me on most.

11/30/2012 02:03:31 am

Hey Jude!

God, I love it when you show up, which is often thankyoumore please. I truly appreciate the insights and wisdom you bring to Blog Me Sexy.

I agree, feeling desired is so incredibly hot.

The trick in long term relationships is keeping that desire fire burning which is a challenge when you become more than lovers~life partners, bill payers, parents.

I've just endured the most stressful year of my marriage and I credit this blog, yoga and meditation for helping me cultivate a sense of sexiness and desire within myself that I was able to bring back to my relationship to bolster the desire factor when there were so many other distractions.

Anyone else have anything to add?

Darcy Jean
12/9/2012 09:18:42 am

I am a control freak in my everyday life. Totally, completely and absolutely. However, the thing that gets my engine a.k.a my pleasure center purring is when my partner takes control in the bedroom. Tie me up and order me around. Don't let me boss, or plan out an 'orgasm' schedule. I love it when I can just let go with my partner because I trust him completely and he takes my body and strokes it into a fiery frenzy of passion. I can't think or breathe. My body no longer belongs to me, but only to him to do with as he well.

And when it is over I feel whole and relaxed.

Speaking of this, I think I need to track down my man.....

12/13/2012 07:10:47 am

Darcy Jean, always so sexy to find you here. Fiery frenzy of passion~ love that. Thank you for sharing your sexual surrrender.

So much ecstasy in the letting go...

4/18/2013 02:51:02 pm

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