From the outside looking in, the pastoral town where I live in Northeast Oregon doesn’t look like a mob town. 

Oh, but it is.

It all started last summer when my Zumba teacher descended on the Saturday morning farmers market with a gang of dancers for a flash mob.

Then, a few months ago, my favorite realtor gathered a posse and started hitting the downtown businesses in random cash mobs.

It's such a sexy trend~organized, sublime~and I jump in whenever my schedule allows which isn't often enough.  So I've come up with an idea for all of us pleasure thugs who thrive on spontaneity.

I’m proposing a sexy mob.  

Here’s what I envision:

When the mood strikes, a band of sexy mobsters come together and choose their hit (a friend across the bar, a co-worker, a downtown business owner, someone’s mom…). 

And then the flirtatious assault begins.

For the less demonstrative mobster, this could involve direct eye contact, a handshake and a sincere compliment like, “I’ve always admired your work.” Or a solid pat on the back with an expression of gratitude for the target’s presence on the planet. 

Experienced flirts could go for an affectionate mussing of the hair. A light caress across the shoulders. A neck massage. A hug.  A kiss on the cheek. A teasing spank.

It doesn’t matter what arsenal of appreciation is used.

When the flurry of flirtation vanishes just as quickly as it appeared, the hit is left feeling cherished, appreciated, confident and aroused.

And that all adds up to sexy.

Sexy Read:
I’ve been in a mobster state of mind lately reading the novel Shantaram by Gregory David Roberts.  It’s eloquent, edgy, engaging, excellent~and those are just my ‘e’ adjectives.  I read the first page and was hooked for the next 930.

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