We all need mentors.  

Especially sexy ones.

By my definition, a Sexy Mentor is someone who is ten to fifteen years older than you and is still undeniably, incredibly hot. Without even knowing it, they remind you to reframe your perception of sexiness beyond the media’s oh-so-limiting portrayal of it as young, thin and unlined. 

I have Joan.

I loved her before I even met her in person. 

I called her on a recommendation from a friend who said she did skin care and carried great face cream. I explained that I was leaving for a two-month adventure to New Zealand and wanted something really good.

“It’s hard for me to recommend products without analyzing your skin,” she said.

“Irish. Freckled. Sensitive. Lots of fun in the sun.”

She laughed.  “Okay. North or South Island?”

My kind of esthetician.

Meeting her in person only confirmed it. She’s passionate about her profession and reminds me of those effortlessly beautiful women I saw all over France.  Vitality oozes from her every pore and transfers like osmosis through her hands into my face.

She knows how to saunter that line between fashionable and trendy and lucky for me, we are the same size so she gives me her castaway classy clothes.

She’s sixty-something.

Every time I see her, she reminds me that that sexy knows no age limits.

Who are your sexy mentors?

Here's Joan looking effortessly sexy in Florence, Italy
6/16/2012 05:05:05 pm

YOU are my sexy mentor! I'm so glad I found this blog. =D You always remind me that sexuality and sensuality are not what the world says it is, and that whatever I feel and want to be is/can be right for me. Screw everything else. ;)

Thank you for shining your light for us.

6/18/2012 07:14:07 am

Blyx, so sexy to find you here again.

I'm so flattered to be considered a sexy mentor. I bet you too have been a sexy mentor without realizing it.

Your comments always inspire.

6/21/2012 06:33:58 am

You are for sure. In fact, have you thought about offering a mentorship program or something.... Gosh the word "program" sounds so stale but you get the idea. Like one on one, email or skype sessions with you? I would be in 100%!!

wink wink


6/23/2012 04:49:39 am

Ahh, I completely agree with you, Di!

It would be amazing!

6/24/2012 08:10:38 am

Flattery will get you everywhere with me, you two.

I'm always here (or at cchavens@gmail.com for a more private venue) for sexy questions, consulting, mentoring, bantering, brainstorming...

6/26/2012 08:36:48 am

i was recently in France and I so know what you mean -- there were so many elegant, sexy older women who were rocking their sexiness! i love the idea of a sexy mentor. thank you!!


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