I’m pretty proud of this: 

I've been making insomnia sexy.

I decided about two months ago that when I awaken at 2 a.m. after just five hours of sleep, I could lie there frustrated and drift in and out of sleep that feels like I’m awake… 

…or I could get out of bed and dwell in that space of wakefulness that feels like I’m still asleep.

The later is so much sexier.  

I've found that being awake while still tethered in the dreamy consciousness of sleep is an incredibly sensuous place.

Now when I wake up in the middle of the night, I give myself thirty minutes.  If I don’t fall back to sleep, I slide out of bed and into something luxurious~cashmere, satin or silk~ that I’ve left beside my bed. I stoke the woodstove, light a few candles and sit in meditation while a mug of hot water with a slice of lemon steeps at my feet.

When my body craves movement, I sip lemon water between yoga postures.  

When my thoughts crave movement, I pick up a pen and let them flow across the pages of my journal. I’ve found that in the fire-lit hours, words move like breath on the page, even and measured, when my critic is too sleepy to comment or care.

Ever since I’ve let go of the angst around not sleeping, I’ve come to cherish this sacred solo time when I can bask in the moonlight sneaking in my windows. I've reframed the idea of a sleepless night into a sleep less night.

After about an hour or so, I slide back into bed, curl up with my man and let the cadence of his breathing lure me into a deep restful sleep.

I wake up hydrated, centered and stretched.  My writing and contemplative practices are already done which leaves time for coffee in bed with my lover.   

It’s a pretty sexy ritual.

How about you? How do you make the most of a sleep less night? 

3/1/2013 10:27:33 am

Thank you! This has helped me!

3/11/2013 01:17:13 pm

So happy to be of sexy assistance.

infancy Koerber
5/27/2013 10:22:20 am

I will try this for I lay there and get so frustrated that I can not sleep. I will try sretching

5/29/2013 07:13:02 am

Yes, get up and have some dreamy solo time. Stretch, read a sensuous book, take a hot bath. So much sexier than lying there with the night crazies.

8/30/2014 08:00:41 pm

I so badly need to sleep but cannot. I only wish I could find that place in my mind that I know is there. It is waiting, ever so patiently,for me to one night find it.So I will continue to search . For now, I am grateful for I have you to visit with...I love your writing. Ames


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