One of the sexiest women I know fell in love recently.  I haven’t met her man yet, but I love hearing the sparkle in her voice when he comes up in our phone conversations.

Her new lover, she says, has these long, graceful fingers. They are so perfect that when they photographed their hands together, his threatened to steal the admiration despite the engagement ring on her finger. 

She was glad she’d just had a manicure.

“Sexy hands,” I said.

Her voice droped an octave. “Definitely.”   

So the other night my man and I were curled by the woodstove after dinner. Without any prompting from me, he looked down at his hands.

“It’s good to have my hands back,” he said as he flexed his fingers.  “They were starting to get soft in Oregon.”

His hands have been busy reclaiming our life in Colorado: building outside in January; tinkering with our wind and solar systems; cutting and splitting firewood; and fixing everything that breaks at our two properties.

He turned them over under the light, showcasing blood- red gashes on his knuckles, dried scabs near his thumb and lots of torn cuticles.

And the feel of those calluses parting the soft flesh of my inner thighs?

My kind of sexy hands.

Tell me about your favorite pair of sexy hands.

1/24/2013 12:27:12 am

You just didn't live in the right part of Oregon. Imho. Plenty of sexy up here.

1/24/2013 01:06:54 am

M! Of course if you live there, it's got to be sexy. You aren't one to settle.

2/2/2013 02:08:59 pm

At a glance they are strong and almost brutish. But, from the very first touch they were gentle, tender, loving and so warm. And the sexiest part: they are willing and eager to do whatever I ask of them.

2/3/2013 09:38:40 am

Very nice, Caroline. Love that juxtaposition of brutish and tender. And sexy.


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