I’m hooked on ginger and licorice Yogi tea right now. The individually wrapped tea bags have the extra bonus of a Zen-like saying attached to the string.

So far, two have escaped the garbage this winter.

Around the winter solstice this one resonated and got wedged beneath a fridge magnet:

Travel light, live light, spread the light, be the light.   

And during a particularly frustrating week, this one made it all the way upstairs to my meditation altar:

Trust brings peace.

But enough with the tea bag spirituality.  This blog is about staying sexy. So, I’ve been thinking about how fun it would be if Yogi tea vamped up those sayings. 


Write a lust letter.  Send it.

Touch yourself until you quiver.

 Lick chocolate off your lover’s body.

 Those fabulous earrings you save for special occasions?  Wear them today.

 Dance naked in your living room.

 Your cup of tea would heat you up in more ways than one. 

The problem for me would be that I'd want to save them all.  I'd have those littte squares of paper all over my house like erotic confetti.

Actually, I rather like that image. 

Feel free to share some sexy tea bag wisdom of your own in the comments section.

Sexy Link:
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1/27/2012 10:01:56 am

i love the yogi tea bag wisdoms, too.
Who's job is it to write those? Let's see, this is the sexiest one I can think up -
enjoy the body electric!

1/29/2012 12:15:18 pm

I love it! Now that you've mentioned it, my body is still buzzing from a day of skiing. I think I'll crawl in bed and enjoy the hum.


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