The irony of writing this blog is that I’m spending more time sitting at my computer, which for me is the antithesis of sensuous.

So this morning I’ve decided the best way to blog me sexy is to go out for a run.

But twenty minutes into it, I realize that even though I am in the heart of beautiful canyon with some groovin’ tunes playing on my I-pod, mentally I’m still at my computer.

I close my eyes and reel myself in, grounding my awareness in my feet as they rhythmically hit the earth.  I tune in to the warmth of the rising sun on my back. 

When I open my eyes, I notice a dark figure running out in front of me.  Her ponytail sways from side-to-side just like mine.

I lift my hand to wave just as she does the same. She’s kind of cute in a dark, mysterious way. She looks rather serious though, so I raise my other hand and sway both arms overhead to the music. I can’t see her smile but I know it’s there as she mimics and flows right along with me.

I add my hips and she is good, matching my every move.  I bounce from foot to foot, shimmy my shoulders, and giggle as the two of us boogie up the canyon trail.

This is way more fun than re-writing the same paragraph over and over in my head as I drag my body uphill.

This blog has me flirting with my own shadow now. I’m either losing it or really on to something.

11/27/2011 04:22:54 am

CC I am absolutely loving your writing! Thank you for it is making me laugh and feel my tortoise-style sexiness these days. xo

12/2/2011 07:01:23 am

What a fabulously sensual shadow you must have right now. Two in one.

12/11/2011 03:35:36 am

Delightful! That one really hooked me in to the punch line. And brought me out into the canyon with you. Sweet writing.


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