I had a request from a friend who just started reading this blog: 

Could you blog about how to feel sexy as you get older? I’m 48 now and having a harder time feeling sexy lately with the changes in my hair, skin and body.  On top of all that, my job keeps me in front of a computer all day and I have less of an adventure lifestyle. Help!

I sent her the link to the Sexy Mentor blog post but I know she needed more than that.

Last year my friend Jenna (she's a goddess check her out here) gave me this gem of a metaphor that helped me reframe my thoughts about sexiness and aging:

In our society we’ve developed a limited perspective of feminine beauty by focusing primarily on The Princess archetype: that dewy lusciousness of women in their late teens, twenties and early thirties. (This can also translate to men as the prince/knight archetype.)

But in all our Princess worship, we’ve forgotten about the sexy grace, elegance, and wisdom of The Queen. (Or for you men, The King)

And from what I’ve seen, Queens are damn sexy.

So I decided it's time for another Sexy Survey. I’m going to interview a few of my Sexy Mentors, sensuous women in their 50’s, 60’s and 70’s to see what kind of advice and wisdom they have to share. 

So if the tiara isn’t working for you anymore (or you hate the idea of getting older), come visit next week to get some insights on how to rock the crown.

1/31/2013 04:14:28 am

Thank you! I'll be waiting with bated breath. (Oh wait, how unsexy does that sound?) I need to learn how to recalibrate sexy for myself. Seeing sexy mentors helps, but I see THEM as sexy, not necessarily myself. Hope you get a ton of comments!

2/3/2013 09:35:55 am

The trick is to befriend these sexy queens. Get right up next to them, let them rub off on you. Interview a few for your blog...


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