Our wedding rings were never sexy.

Oh we tried, we really did.

My muses live in jagged white peaks.  My man gets off on kayaking whitewater.  We both love to backcountry ski.

So we incorporated the theme of mountains and rivers into our wedding vows and the design of our rings.  

Our quirky jeweler, whom my man described as having too much fun in the sixties, never got it right. But the rings were passed around and blessed by everyone at our wedding, so we wore them for what they represented until all the inlaid river jade fell out, making the engraved mountains look like they’d been strip mined.

Now that I am flirting at writer’s conferences and doing sexy surveys in bars, I thought it might be a good idea to have a ring on my left hand.

Besides, I need to be more specific with my intention. The mountain and river theme of the old rings worked, I suppose. Right now we live in the Blue Mountains right by the Grande Ronde River.  But these mountains get more rain than snow and the river isn’t exactly known for its whitewater.

I’d seen some cool rings on display at the Pike Place Market when we were in Seattle last spring for my first erotica reading at the Seattle Erotic Arts Festival.  At the time I was too tired from partying all night to inquire seriously about anything, so I grabbed one of the artist’s business cards.

A few weeks ago she made me a ring.

I feel like a new bride, the way I keep looking down at my hand and twirling the band around my finger. The thick silver is textured like wild grass, the kind that sticks between my toes when I am dancing under the influence of a June full moon. 

It embodies the wild, raw beauty of the earth, which is ultimately sexy for me and exactly what I need more of this year.

With this ring...

May I manifest more kisses, like the flirtatious splash of the river on my lips as we paddle our raft through a rapid.

May I create more caresses, like the brush of fresh snow between my thighs as I lunge into a telemark turn.

May I experience the swell of a warm ocean seducing me back to my salty self.

This ring is just going to get better with age as the patina sets in. 

May it be the same for me.

What are you adorning yourself with this year?  Be intentional about it.

Sexy Links:

If you are craving the seduction of the earth, check out my reed ring artist Kristin Schwartz at Silver Cherry.

If you thirst for flow, or you are trying, like me, to manifest a beach adventure, adorn yourself with some beach glass jewelry from Green Waves Glass.  Nancy Koerber designs cool necklaces and bracelets for men and women.

Feel free to share the links to your favorite jewelry artists in the comments section.
1/7/2012 09:41:23 am

Thanks for the link. Can't wait to see your ring in the future. Great writing, cool blog.

Ashley Horn
1/11/2012 02:03:35 pm

My lover and I are considering wooden rings for our engagement. Found here: http://www.touchwoodrings.com/
Trees are a source of spiritual inspiration for me, and I love being able to choose the type of wood that resonates with who I feel I am. So cool.

1/12/2012 01:02:02 am

Ashley, thanks so much for the link to Touch Wood Rings. They are incredibly beautiful. My man needs a ring. And I have nine more fingers to adorn.

1/27/2012 10:09:33 am

i love your writing! thank you for sharing.

2/11/2012 06:39:54 am

I lost my wedding ring in the hospital during one of my knee surgeries. I wasn't sad. Like you, my ring was custom made with mountains and rivers, but not particularly sexy. Black leather boots. I'm feeling very sexy in black-leather-boots. And because I don't want to have them be not for walking as you experienced at the festival, I've just today ordered 5 pair to have sent to my house for my personal try on party, compliments of UPS.


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