I’m reclaiming my sexy.

Because I lost it there for a few weeks.

This fall I gorged myself on new technology.  I took an online class for writers on internet marketing and Google+ which inspired me start upgrading this blogging platform and design a C.C. Havens website. (Coming soon!)

But then a few weeks ago, I pushed away from my computer, uncomfortably full, like I’d been at an all-you-can-eat seafood buffet.  

And this sweet, sensuous blog got swept away like a dinner mint with all the carnage of my techno binge. In its absence however, I realized its efficacy and necessity. 

Bottom line…


…this blog works for me.

I’m feeling sexier already.

Reason #2:

I haven’t had any solo time at the cabin in a long time. And with each passing year I get a deeper understanding of this truth:

This Cancer crab needs shell time.

And with each passing year my man gets a deeper understanding of this truth: 

I am so much sexier when I get it.

And this place is the ultimate shell.

Laughter bubbled from my throat as I skied out to the cabin at sunset with elk meat and a laptop in my backpack knowing I’d have three nights to bask in the light of the waxing moon glowing off the snow; three mornings to meditate with the artistry of the sunrise; and three days to ski, do yoga and write.

I got one photo before the battery on my phone started to die:


When I went to recharge, I realized I’d forgotten my phone charger which meant no texting, no phone calls, no e-mail, no painfully slow mobile hot spot internet connection.

And even more time for my reclamation.

Sexy Prod:
What do you do to reclaim your sexy?
1/29/2014 02:18:14 am

What do I do to reclaim my sexy? I read your blog! Thank you.

C.C. Havens
1/29/2014 03:36:45 am

Hey J!

I guess I need to keep posting then. I've been preoccupied with giving the blog a makeover. So great to know you are out there getting cultivating your sexiness.

2/12/2014 07:52:17 am

Thank you for asking, beautiful C.C.! I was recently attuned by a Reiki Master Teacher, and each attunement sent waves of deep and eternal awareness throughout my chakras and my whole body. I met myself and fell in love. I accept and cherish every bit of my beautiful, mysterious, unique SELF. Sexy events in a sexy life. :)
Miss you, dear one!

2/27/2014 05:48:54 am

That experience defines sexy, Danielle. Thanks so much for sharing and for the reminder.

A Reiki master has recently moved to my community and I've been meaning to get some work from her. I'm going to call her and book a session.


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