Before I launch into more orgasmic blogging, here’s a quick review of two key points from last week:

1. Contemplative practices like yoga and meditation cultivate presence and awareness which help you engage more sensually with life.

2. They also quiet the inner critic and mental chatter so you can rediscover your authentic self, tap into the magic of life and become more spiritually engaged.

It’s this integration of the two, heightened sensuality and spirituality, with a big dose of nature that pushed my orgasmativity off the charts.

And of course, writing erotically about it all doesn’t hurt either.  

So now the sight of an owl flying over the river at dawn gives me a full-body rush of ecstasy. The blush of pink on the mountains at sunset can make my heart and nearby nipples tingle with bliss. I get repeated spasms of joy at my clitoris while practicing yoga naked on my deck in the spring.

All this and my sexy lover isn’t even around.

And then last winter, after many cold dark mornings of sitting in meditation trying to embrace a challenging gray Oregon winter, I started having orgasms on my cushion.

A reminder that much of this ecstasy rises out of sitting, stretching, facing, embracing your despair.

It’s luscious ripe fruit, there for the picking. 

You just have to climb the tree.

Sexy Links:

If you need a leg up to the first branch:

Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health

Shambhala Mountain Center

Books by Lama Surya Das and David Deida

I reached the top branches, those meditation-cushion orgasms, through a combination of meditation and craniosacral therapy.  Find a therapist here.

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