Are you reaching your orgasmic potential with life?

I didn’t even know I wasn’t.

I’d always loved sex~ the physicality, the intimacy, the sharing of pleasure. But I wasn’t very orgasmic until I started doing yoga regularly.  In March of 2000 I attended a month-long yoga teacher’s training at the Kripalu Center For Yoga and Health.

 And then, wow.

 For me there are so many reasons why yoga increases orgasmativity:  improved body image; increased confidence and self esteem; increased tone and blood flow to the pelvic floor, genitals,
G-spot and clitoris. (Check out this post for more on the sexy benefits of yoga.)

On top of all that, contemplative practices like yoga, meditation, tai chi and chi gong engage you deeply in the present moment and increase your awareness. Tastes are more luscious. Colors become more vibrant. Sensations, like the velvety softness of your lover’s lips, are heightened.

You become more sensual.

When I learned to quiet the constant chatter of my critical, thinking mind, I felt like I gained access to the rest of my brain: the creativity; the intuition; the ability to hook into something so much bigger than myself. 

I felt giddy, like that bliss of falling in love. And that is exactly what was happening. 

Through yoga and meditation I fell head over heels in love with life. And that energy attracted my man who was also getting quiet and going deep (and running whitewater and skiing avalanche chutes) and then Wow!   

I started writing erotic memoir.

So it doesn’t matter if you are single or in a relationship, you can increase your bliss and orgasmic potential, by slowing down, getting contemplative and having a love affair with yourself. 

When you learn to appreciate the gift of every breath, you also realize the wonder of having a physical body, so much so that you eventually quit judging it.  That shift hooks you into something hugely sensual, spiritual and sexual that we can discuss more next week because I could go off on this topic for hours and I’ve taken enough of your time already

Besides I’ve just convince myself that I need to get on my yoga mat right now.

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