Last winter I started having orgasms on my meditation cushion.  So of course,  I started meditating even more.

There were a lot of contributing factors, too much to go into in a blog post (oh how I love to tease!) but  don't worry, I captured it all in great detail for my memoir. I submitted the essay to a women's erotica anthology so you'll get to read it somewhere someday soon.

I find it fascinating that one of the sexiest things I do is… not much at all. 

Outwardly, meditation doesn’t hold a candle to visually arousing pursuits such as hooping or belly dancing (which I tried last week and ooh la la! I got completely seduced.)

But inwardly nothing else can compete.

Because turning off the mental chatter and tuning back into your body and breath heightens awareness. And awareness is a rich, black compost for cultivating sexiness.

Awareness catches me when I’m all hunched over my laptop and reminds me to roll my shoulders back, straighten my spine and breathe. Good posture is sexy.

Awareness quiets my Inner Critic so I can click on that 'Publish' button every week for this blog.  Confidence, as Sexy Survey #1 concluded, is ultimately sexy.

Awareness heightens all my senses. I start to appreciate the honey-colored beauty of the dried grass along my running trail after weeks of not even noticing it. I become amazed by the decadence of a single strawberry. Being sensually engaged in life is the definition of sexy.  

Awareness quiets my Inner Catholic Girl who’d rather hide in a baggy T-shirt than wear a torso-clinging halter top. Embracing your curves is sexy.

Besides, after sitting in meditation for twenty to thirty minutes, your body will want to stretch out on the floor and do some yoga.  Check out this post, if you don't already know how sexy that is.

Sexy Tip:

Plant a seed this summer to explore meditation this fall and winter.  Let me know what sprouts. 

If you already meditate, do you agree with me?  Do you get off on life more when you are sitting?  Anyone else having clit-quivering orgasms in the throes of practice?

8/29/2012 06:41:39 am

Meditation has changed my life. No orgasms yet. Yet.

9/13/2012 12:20:57 am

Try integrating a series of craniosacral therapy sessions with your established meditation practice. I think that combination is what launched me last winter.

Also, it doesn't hurt to play with straddling your cushion in daimond pose!


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