Today is my anniversary.

Those of you who trudged to our high country wedding when the aspen were shimmering gold are probably thinking, Hey wait a minute, didn't you get married in the fall?

We did. 

Nine years ago today, a handsome backcountry skier who was attending my yoga class invited me to lunch. 

This involved:

Riding a snowmobile to his off-the-grid cabin in the snowy Rockies.

Hiking up a nearby peak

Warming up in front of the woodstove as we explored every millimeter of each other's lips and tongues.

Uncorking a bottle of red wine.

Barely eating lunch.

Unwrapping each other like early Christmas presents as a waxing moon rose out of the alpenglow.

It’s that anniversary.

The sexy one.

Sexy Tip:

If you are in a relationship, entice your early lovers to come out and reminisce about your sexy anniversary. 

If you are single, fantasize about what you want.  Better yet, write it down. How else are the Powers That Be going to know what to deliver?

It worked for me.

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