Last week I alluded to my aversion to wearing pink and how my Inner Tomboy thinks it’s too girlie.

I forgot about Miss Kitty.


In my defense I didn’t pick her out.  My man and I were cruising around an Aspen thrift store before our wedding looking for some fun duds.

“Hey, look at this!” he said as he held up this pink teddy, with not one, but two pink bows. “You have to try this one,” he said as he handed it to me. 

“Uh…okay,” I said trying not to cringe.

The things we do for love.

I tried it on for him and damn if it didn’t fit perfectly.  And those bows!  They could be tightened to create cleavage or with two quick tugs they dissolved that teddy into a pile of lace at my feet.

“Sold,” he said as he caressed my lacey pink breasts. When he pulled my hips to his I could feel the effect Miss Kitty was having on him.

"I'll take two," I said as our lips met. If it hadn't been for the flimsy curtain and the two women waiting beyond it, we may have christened that teddy right then.

The energy of the former owner must have been infused in the material because the first time I wore it, I became Miss Kitty.  A sweet southern accent drawled from my lips.  I called my man Sugar Pops and asked him when he was taking me back to Aspen so he could buy me another fur coat. 

My man slid right into his role, and told me I could have anything little thing I wanted but first why didn’t I bring my sugar lips a little closer... and a lot lower.

My Inner Tomboy has to deal with it because there is no denying that when I slip into Miss Kitty, I feel pretty in pink, sweet as cotton candy and oh so sexy.   

And most importantly Sugar Pops thinks so too. 

Sexy Prod:

Had any fun role plays lately? Miss Kitty is just dying to hear all about it. 


Sugar Pops
11/2/2012 01:01:58 am

Miss Kitty,
Why, where have you been little darling? I can't wait to catch up with you in Colorado! I'n afraid that little pink teddy might just get ripped to shreds in the process of catching up though....


Miss Kitty
11/2/2012 01:08:00 am

Well, there's no need to restrain your fine self Sugar Pops. We can always go back to Aspen for a little more teddy shoppin'.


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