In my last blog about sexy undies I included a link for Mansilk Boxer Briefs.

I have a bit more to say about those. 

Because really, what could be better than wrapping your man’s package in silk?

I love silk, but I'm a Sweaty Betty and can’t wear it.  If I even look at a silk shirt, I start to perspire imagining the dark pits stains that would appear as soon as I put it on.

So I buy silk boxer briefs for my man. He loves them.  Besides the fact that I love to rub my face up against them, they are thin, warm and a perfect under layer for winter outdoor sports.

I sound like a rep don’t I? 

Good. Because I have this plan, a marketing plan, that as soon as I get my erotic memoir published, I’m going to hit the road for a book tour. As I travel around to all the ski towns and do erotica readings (and ski), I’ll sell my book and Mansilk to women who want to sex up their life and their man’s top drawer.  

Killer idea, right? So I started doing a little research on how I could make this happen and maybe get some sponsorship to boot.  Long story short, I pulled this excerpt from my erotic memoir to prove what a Mansilk devotee I am and put it in an e-mail:

He is yang, like the sun, that never burns dim.

I am yin, like the moon, that waxes and wanes.

Somewhere between the two of us there is a balance. I beckon him to the couch in an attempt to find it.

“Give me some of that,” I say as I reach for him.

He is puzzled at first, since usually it’s his food that I am after and he isn’t eating any.

“Some of what?” he asks, displaying his empty hands. I pull his hips to my face and nuzzle my nose up against his MANSILK BOXER BRIEFS.

“Some of this,” I say as I cup his silky package in my hands.

His hands come to rest on my head as he caresses my hair.

“Take,” he says as he exhales long and slow, “whatever you want.”

My e-mail got forwarded around and ended up with a public relations woman in New York City.  Pretty exciting!

Her reply wasn't what I'd hoped for, but it was sweet nonetheless:

Thanks so much for your interest in Mansilk. At this time, we’re all set with our marketing plans for 2010-2011, which are taking us in a slightly different direction than what you’re proposing.

Slightly!  I loved that. She wished me luck with my project and thanked me for being a fan of the collection.

She hasn’t heard the last of me yet.

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