Your body is 75% water.
Imagine if you could infuse your fluidity with sensuality, confidence, vitality or pure, unadulterated love.

 According to Japanese researcher Masaro Enoto you can.

Enoto’s book, The Hidden Messages in Water, was all the new-age rage years ago. But it’s worth re-visiting for our sexy purposes. 

His research explored water’s susceptibility to human words, thoughts and emotions. Through photographs, Dr. Emoto demonstrated that water exposed to positive influences produced beautiful, perfectly formed crystals, while water exposed to negativity produced ugly, malformed crystals

Emoto claimed that positive changes to water crystals could be achieved through prayer, music, or by attaching written words to a container of water.

So in the spirit of this blog, I put a piece of masking tape on my Pur water filter pitcher and wrote the word Sexy on it with a black Sharpie pen.

That night when my man came home from chasing cougars, he picked up the pitcher and held it at arm’s length to get a read on my physician-like handwriting.

“What’s this?” he asked.

“I’m infusing our water with sexy,” I said.

He filled a glass and downed the entire thing in one gulp, a skill he perfected drinking beer in college. He poured another and extended it to me with a sly grin.

For the past week, I’ve been steeping my green tea in sexy; simmering shitake mushrooms and vegetables into a sensuous broth; absorbing sexuality into my brown rice; and pausing between songs in my Zumba and Nia dance classes for big, hydrating gulps of sexiness.

I imagine my interstitial fluid is totally infused with sexy by now.

What are you going to write on your water bottle?

Sexy Link:

Click here to read more about Dr. Enoto’s research.

Darcy jean
3/28/2012 10:21:46 am

Do you teach yoga somewhere? My partner and I are interested in taking a class together...any suggestions?

3/30/2012 10:02:55 am

I teach on the sexiest night of the week (Thursdays) in La Grande. E-mail me at cchavens@gmail for more details.

3/29/2012 08:37:35 am

healthy, powerful, confident

if I put sexy it will may be overwhelming as there are already a few potentials knockin on my "single gal" door. eeeek!


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