You've heard of the inner child.

I have an inner stripper.

I imagine that psychologically they are intimately related.  One feels invisible so the other begs to be seen or something like that.

When I learned, through yoga and meditation, to embrace my clingy little self, I unknowingly empowered her sexually-confident alter ego. It’s a fascinating dichotomy, especially since my inner child was raised Catholic.

I tend to attract friendships with women who are in touch with their inner stripper. Two of them worked in clubs and made a lot of money fully embracing their erotic-dancing selves. I sense there are quite a few of us in the front two rows of Zumba class who are one marimba step away from ripping off our sweaty clothes. 

Paradoxically, my inner stripper is kind of shy and hard to coax out. But once she steps out in her stiletto heels she loves to be center stage. She’s had three performances so far: only for my man and only at our cabin in Colorado which is one of the sexiest places ever. The bi-level, wood-floor structure creates the perfect stage and the log beam support under the loft doubles as a  makeshift stripper pole.

I haven’t stripped for my man in way too long. I’m not sure why.  I’ve had a song picked out for months and I have a pair of fabulous feather earrings that would look great with a pair of heels and nothing else.  

It could be because we haven’t been at our cabin since September. Or maybe it’s because I’ve been channeling a lot of my inner stripper energy into this blog.

I’ve been baring myself here, through my words, for you.

I’ll be traveling through Portland and Boston later this month.

I believe it is time for a new pair of elbow-length feather gloves. 

Sexy Link:

This video will ignite your inner stripper.
3/15/2012 07:02:29 am

I would really love to hear more about your inner child (that was raised catholic) and whom you have learned to love and embrace. I've got one of those and she and I still haven't learned how to get along so well. Though we do seem to agree on how much we both enjoy reading your blog!

3/16/2012 04:08:22 am

Oh my inner Catholic girl! I could right an entire essay about her. Actually, she has a pretty big part in the one I'm working on right now.

I have two inner Catholic girls. One is about seven. She's very angelic and such a good girl. She can turn my face beet red at the mere mention of the word erotica.

But, I also have a inner Catholic girl who is 16, the one who rebeled. She cheers me on.

Do you, by chance, have one of those? The one who never really bought into that 'sex is shameful' message?

3/19/2012 06:43:16 am

Mine is 14. She wants so badly to be good enough, angelic enough, religious enough to have the promised rewards of life after marriage and has totally denied her emerging sexuality in the process. She and I have had some very theological discussions poking all sorts of holes in her logic.

The 3 year old, not identifying as catholic, just knows that for some mysterious reason, she's not good enough to have what she wants. She was hiding from me for a long time but lately I've managed to coax her out and comfort and reassure her.

And then there is the five year old who loves the feeling of climbing trees in her favorite dress, floating in the bath, running her fingers through the sand, feeling the sun on her cheeks, and the dirt in her hands. She knows how to love the earth with her whole body. When I am quite I can hear her whispering and laughing at the wind.

Ooh. Writing this gave me tingles.

3/15/2012 07:35:37 am

Thank you awakening the inner stripper. This is going to be fun. :) You are amazing, keep posting...we need more blogs like yours

Chic Collings
3/16/2012 08:24:39 am

As a child when my eyes first beheld the gentle slope of a womans breast, I had a disturbing and yet primal epiphany...
One- I would not grow up to be a priest
Two- I would be forever in love with gentle

3/18/2012 05:42:19 am

It's always so great to get your male insights~especially when it is expressed so eloquently.

Hot to Trot
3/18/2012 05:20:40 am

I too have an Inner Stripper who needs a stage and a few props, e.g., stilettos, gloves. Am not sure what is preventing her from coming out - perhaps my inner child or my inner parent who reminds me I am not in the shape I used to be. So thanks for bringing this up. I will sent an intention to let the Stripper emerge - just like a chrysalis turning into a butterfly.

3/18/2012 05:36:49 am

If you want to hasten that cocoon stage~one of the best ways to enpower your inner stripper is to go to a strip club. You quickly remember that sexy isn't a body type. It's an attitude.

Besides, it's always good to support the inner strippers who are letting themselves come fully out.

3/20/2012 05:59:32 am

Jaime, reading what you wrote gave me the tingles. Keep writing about that five year old! It sounds like she's hooked into the eroticism of the earth. For me, that is as sexy as it gets. It's been a pure, uncomplicated place to let my spirituality and sexuality dance. My erotic memoir is a testament to it.

Darcy Jean
3/23/2012 03:27:24 am

My inner stripper took years to come out. I was the 22 year old virgin who waited for the right one. Now that I have experienced the magical thing that is sex and the other magical thing that is love making (totally different things as I discovered) my inner stripper has became like a kid in the candy store. Every time we try a new position or a get a new outfit I find myself wanting more, more, MORE! She is demanding but I'm so happy to finally be in touch with her. And so happy I have found this blog!

3/23/2012 04:58:40 am

I'm so happy you found this blog! Invite all your recovering Catholic girl friends.

3/23/2012 06:37:41 am

Ask and you shall recieve! I have been consciously putting pieces of my spirit puzzle together, especially including my sensuality and power in the last few years. The inner child that was denied turned inner stripper who would not be ignored has finally found a body to express herself in whole. Nia has changed my life in this aspect. It not only has allowed me to love my body unconditionally, but to rejoice in my creativity and playfulness--which is often sexy! I love playing with this idea: sensory awareness = awareness of sensuality Also, being a young mother, I have had to find my way to being maternal and at the same time honor my sensuality This has been a beautiful and empowering journey and I feel so blessed to be aware of it!!!.

3/25/2012 08:58:24 am

My inner stripper is really connected to my root chakra. She's the one who can look men right in the eyes and not break the eye contact first. She is powerful and proud.

I also have an inner Mother Superior -- I was raised Catholic, too -- and she has been chairing my inner committee. Meditating, praying, being celibate.

Recently the inner stripper said of the inner Mother Superior -- "I hate that bitch. She's kept me locked up for years."

Time for some conflict mediation between these two parts! Can't you be angelic and sexy? Spiritual and sensual? Vulnerable and strong?


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