Four years ago when my man was offered a job as cougar researcher in N. E. Oregon, one thing kept us from immediately pouncing on the opportunity.

Our sexy love nest.

My man, always the voice of adventure, came up with this: We can’t let the cabin keep us from getting out and seeing the world.

He was right.

But after three years in Oregon,  I, the Cancer Crab who loves her shell, came up with this: It’s silly to have such an amazing piece of property fifteen hours away and not be able to use it.

I was right.

It’s been a complicated and at times grueling process making our way back to Colorado and I’m physically, emotionally and spiritually spent from the effort.

So last Friday night I turned my back on all the unpacked boxes and headed to the cabin which is now only forty minutes away.  It was dark by the time I arrived, so I crawled into the loft with my bad boy breed.  We were both snoring within minutes.

When I woke up in the morning, I opened my eyes to a dazzling display of golden aspen leaves pressed up against the window.

I reached out and touched them through the glass.

Golden coins for my sexy piggy.

Where do you go to replenish your sexy?
10/1/2012 06:46:14 am

Such beauty! Every leaf a golden coin!!

10/3/2012 11:01:48 pm

A storm came through and blew most of my gold coins away yesterday. But it left behind some white peaks. Very sexy currency.


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