I was in premiere skinny dipping territory recently.

And I'm not the only one who thinks so.  The National Park Service felt compelled to post this sign:

After last month's trip to Esalen when I got to indulge fully in my passion for being naked outside in water, I felt a little tortured by the rules. But I was with my nieces and nephews and hundreds of other families so I KEPT MY BIKINI ON ...

...until the sun went down and the full moon rose and I woke at 3 am to her reflection rippling like yellow silk on the water.  

I saw my opportunity and seized it.  I rolled out of bed and within minutes I was on the dock lowering my naked self into the thigh-deep water.  

As I waded deeper, the lake enveloped my pelvis while the moonlight caressed the pale skin of my torso and I had one of those full body sensory orgasms I like to write about in this blog.

But the most sensuous part of my full moon skinny was this:

As my arms moved rhythmically in front of me in a breast stroke, I felt like I was moving through liquid glass and the sound ... my god the sound...it was so incongruously beautiful,  like shards of glass breaking, as if the lake herself was laughing in a high clear voice.

I joined her.


Sexy Prod: 
Tell me about your most memorable skinny dipping adventure.
Madison Snow
9/19/2013 02:00:01 pm

It was a summer of fires in Montana. It was hot, hot, hot as I hiked in the Bitterroot Valley outside of Missoula. On this sizzling summer day a babbling brook along the trail kept teasing me to enter, to play, to be wild and free. I'd been hiking for over an hour and hadn't seen another soul. It was a perfect skinny dip moment... all alone, surrounded by cool canyon walls and luxurious deep pools of emerald green water. It didn't take long for me to toss my clothes onto the rocks and ease into sweet, luxurious sensations. I floated on my back, breasts and belly lapping up the sun as the cool water sent tingles up and down my spine. That's when I saw them. About 15 hot, sweaty firefighters marching down the trail just a few feet from my sweet spot. They had obviously been on the front lines of the fires and had been hiking for hours. They looked hot and tired. They saw my clothes first, then me. I slide my body deep into the cold water as they passed. Smiles, laughter and on down the trail they went, envy sweating off their hard, strong bodies. A moment to remember.

C.C. Havens
10/1/2013 04:59:10 am

I bet envy wasn't the only thing oozing from those firefighters' bodies. Thanks for sharing, Madison Snow. I like the way you dance with words. Let me know if you ever want to be a guest blogger.


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