Erotic photo shoots are like running big whitewater:

Scary to think about.
Super exciting in the middle.
Incredibly empowering by the end.

I’ve done three of them so far. 

You’d think that since I’m an erotic essayist and somewhat of an exhibitionist at heart, erotic photos shoots would be a breeze for me. 

Au contraire.

First I have to lock my Inner Catholic Girl in a confessional. Then I have to transcend that conditioned cultural voice that wrestles with not being fit or thin or young enough which we all know is bullshit but… still. 

It rants.

I rave back.

You can too. 

When the opportunity for an erotic photo shoot presents itself (it will), I encourage you to go for it. Tuck the pictures away if you don’t like them at first.  Because someday, like today for me, you will pull them out and think, Wow, I’m so glad I ditched that bikini on the beach.

Courage begets courage. 

I need some right now. I have get to get sexy- psyched for a reading at the Seattle Erotic Arts Festival. So I'm posting this photo to manifest some boldness and get that juicy, carpe diem mojo flowing.  

Getting off at the confluence of the Little Colorado River. Grand Canyon,  April 2009.

Photo by Graham Charles.

Tell me about your fears, desires, experiences with erotic photos shoots and I'll tell (and show) more of mine.
6/13/2012 03:00:59 am

"When the opportunity for an erotic photo shoot presents itself (it will), I encourage you to go for it"-incredible

Erotic photo shoots, it's been a long time but I have finally found a love who is into it and boy am I excited. Have always wanted to be body painted, head to toe and photographed. And many other things ;)

I love this post so much. It may very well be my favorite post. You are brave, bold, sexy, and amazing. Thank you for expressing in that perfect way that you do.

6/14/2012 12:45:38 am

Body painted from head to toe and photographed. YES! The body as a canvas. The artists will appear now that you've put it out there.

You have such power to manifest. A new love? How exciting.

Love your blog
6/13/2012 08:59:09 am

You are beautiful!!! Love the picture of you in the white water. Good luck in Seattle.


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