My intent when I started this blog was to cultivate more sensuousness, more sexiness in my life.

Last week I hit the bull’s eye.

I found one of the most sensuous places on the planet and spent two nights there.

This means I had two mornings to wake up early before the other guests, sneak through a dark, mystical rainforest, and have seven hot spring pools, a steam-room cabin, and a creek bursting with spring all to myself.

Which means I got to lie naked in water warmed by the core of the earth, beneath the branches of towering pines dripping with chartreuse-colored lichen.

Which means I got to hook my knees over the smooth river rocks that formed the perimeter of the pools, float on my back, and sway my torso from side to side with my arms overhead and my hair moving like thick algae as my nipples contracted from the coolness of the breaking dawn.

Which means that as the sun rose and the sky blushed as pink as my skin, I got to feel snowflakes huge and impossibly light melt on my tongue and my lips and my cheeks like kisses or tears or both.

Which means I achieved a level of relaxation and bliss so pure and so deep that I can’t quite recover or find any sense at all in the busyness of the life that I’ve been living.

Which means that I’m a bit lost this week.

Which means that I’m already strategizing my way back there.

Where do you go to find your most sensuous self?

Sexy Link:

Check out Breitenbush Hot Springs

4/13/2012 05:30:58 am

Today it was in yoga class. Something about the fluidity of the movements and choice of music must have unlocked some dormant sexual energies. It was amazing and quite unexpected. I let go of staying focused and yogi-like (whatever that is!) and enjoyed being distracted by a lovely fantasy. ;) ahhh. it was a great place to be.


4/14/2012 07:42:49 am

All the sexy arrows are pointing towards yoga these days. And rightly so. Thanks for the reminder that one of the most sensuous places to be is right inside my breath.


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