Once is all it takes.

One order for an itty bitty v-string and you are on the Victoria Secret mailing list for life.  This means that you will get a little dose of super soft porn in your mail box about every other week.

On more than one occasion, my man and I have perused the catalogue with our morning coffee and ended up having some really great sex.

I start by showing him what I would buy.  He shows me what he'd buy for me.

We make up funny names for the models: Horse Tooth, Freckle Face, Bedroom Eyes.

There are a few of them though, that we’ve never named.

“She is way too skinny. Yuck. That is not sexy.”  (Hint for guys: Women get wet when you say this.)

As my man tosses the catalogue aside, I lunge across the couch and straddle him.

So now that I’m blogging me sexy, I want to know: 

What is sexy? Really.

We all know what the American media and Victoria Secret are dishing up.

But are we eating it?

Stayed tuned for the results of my first Sexy Survey when I head out on the town and do a little investigative reporting to see how we (well, Northeast Oregonians this time around) are defining sexy.

Note to my readers: I've had some comments about commenting.  Please know that you do not have to enter an e-mail address or even your  real name when commenting on a post. Feel free to give your sexy self a pen name. 
12/2/2011 06:29:43 am

Sexy is a state of mind. It is when you walk down a street and feel eyes on every part of your body; it is when someone locks gazes with you and you know they want to crawl inside your mind (or pants); it is when you see yourself in the mirror and pay specific attention to your favorite parts of yourself.

Wear what you feel good in. I mean that mentally and physically. ;)

Totally enjoying this blog, by the way - PLEASE keep it coming. Pun thoroughly intended.

12/2/2011 06:54:20 am

Blyx, welcome to the party. I agree, sexy is such a state of mine. I mean mind. Okay both.

12/2/2011 11:21:33 am

"State of mine." I love it. Stealing! =D

10/23/2013 01:25:43 am

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