I’m so excited I can’t sit still.

This is unfortunate since I will be sitting in very confined space for the next twelve hours as my husband and I travel across the country to visit my family in Michigan.  We are on the first leg of the trip, the three-hour drive to the Boise airport.

In the spirit of my new blogging adventure, I’m wearing some short denim cut-offs, a breast-hugging Prana halter top and some fabulously impractical, wedge-heeled sandals. In a gesture of support, my man tossed aside his T–shirt and donned a button-down instead.

I finally nailed my pitch in the final hours of the conference.  I knew I had it right when I had the women in the pitch practice room blushing.  I left the conference with three requests for material from one agent and two publishers.

Since I can’t move much, all my enthusiasm is coming out my mouth.

 “I think it would be really cool to expand Blog Me Sexy to include our marriage.  We both need this.”

My cougar man, even though he still pounces from time to time, has been living in his head (the big one) as much as I have. We don’t have kids, but we are both gestating new careers as we juggle the ones we have.  We’ve become so obsessed about the possibilities of my writing career and his wildlife consulting business that it’s all we talk about.

We haven’t been so good lately at turning it off and getting turned on to each other.

He turns down the volume on NPR.  “Sorry, what do we need?”

“We’re too mental,” I say.  “We need to get back in touch with our sensual selves.”

He doesn’t say anything.  

“If we do this, we’ll have more sex,” I say.        

“Sign me up.”

“So, here’s what I’m thinking,” Now that I’ve got him on the line, I just need to reel him in. “We both make this commitment to be more sensual, as a couple, and then I can blog about how it is working.  Are you okay with me writing about that?

His right eyebrow lifts, conveying: Seriously?

I’ve spent the past seven years documenting every orgasm of our marriage for my outdoor adventure erotic memoir.

“But are you sure you are comfortable with me blogging about this? 

“More sex, right?”

I’m not sure he’s catching the full sensual, spiritual scope of my vision.

“Right,” I confirm. “But it’s about being more sensuous, slowing down and noticing how life tastes, smells, feels and sounds. It’s about cultivating more pleasure which will inevitably lead to more sex.  I’m sure a lot of couples would want to follow a blog like that. But maybe it should be a separate blog with a different name…”

I start brainstorming out loud and throw out some really lame names like Literary Lube, Lust Your Lover, Blog Us Sexy.  But nothing sounds quite right. I take a sip of my green tea.

“How about Fuck Me Already?”

I laugh so hard I spit tea all over my cute outfit.

By the time we get to Denver, I decide to stay on course with my original vision for Blog Me Sexy and archive the posts (like this one) For Couples.

Spook Bond
11/3/2011 02:19:34 am

You go CC! Now get after the cougar chasing G-Money.

11/3/2011 02:43:58 am

LOVE IT! Laughing already, and looking forward to reading more. You guys are awesome. Fuck me already... perfect.

11/3/2011 09:20:20 pm

What better way to start an adventure then to begin it in the plane...the plane, the plane! Totally love the blog. No really, you have always had a passion for writing. Now you have a passion for passion.
While in the wilds of Woods on a deserted path, you should "introduce" him to a outdoor adventure Michigan style...Ha!
Love your guts, Little One
Keep Making us Smile!

11/4/2011 01:27:09 am

Great start. I'll bet there are a lot of women - and men! - who would like to have a little more sensuality in their lives. Good luck with the book.

11/4/2011 02:07:29 am

E-man you live! I should have known a little sex would flush you out.

11/4/2011 02:35:44 am

Go forth and have adventurous amorousness! Love the blog.... can't wait for more. Do it!

9/20/2012 02:22:59 pm

Was just bored and thought I would post to say hello

9/17/2021 04:48:46 am

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