I've mentioned before that I'm winter sexy.

So when the aspen start doing this:

And the peaks get dusted like this:

I know I’m in for a few weeks of foreplay. 

Because as soon as the first hard frost hits (last week for me), the hot sun, bugs and pollen get turned off.

And I get so turned on.

I get turned on by the darker mornings when I can luxuriate in my yoga practice for over an hour and still catch the sunrise when I go out for a run. 

I get turned on by the sight of our freezer stuffed with packages of fresh elk. (If you've been reading this blog you already now about the sexiness of elk meat.)

I get turned on by the sound of a bull elk bugling at dawn, knowing that the tag is filled and I’m the only one in my hunter’s sights.

I get turned on by the heavy fragrance of pine filling my head as we fill the back of the truck with firewood.

I get turned on by a glass of red wine, warm on my lips, as the setting sun spews pink lava all over the sky.

I get turned on by the menthol-like sensation of a twilight breeze on my back as I float above my man in the hot tub.

I get so turned on by the sound of the aspen leaves quaking like rice paper castinettes that I have to lie flat on the earth and absorb it.  One windy day and that sexy percussive will be gone until next spring.

I could go on and on but I think you may be coming to the same conclusion as me.

Maybe I’m autumn sexy too.

Sexy Prod: What's turning you on this fall?

10/9/2013 05:46:50 am

I am so the opposite. Give me summer any day, the sweep of long hair over a bare back, the slip into cool glacial lakes and then the granite warmness of a rock under my body. Winter you wrap up in layers and shiver. Booo.

C.C. Havens
10/9/2013 06:44:51 am

But what about those mosquitoes buzzing around the inside of your tent, M? And the poison ivy so thick on the way down to the Imnaha River that you can't even hike the trail?

Sounds like you still haven't been seduced by Fergie yet. Prana has some sexy wool stuff in their catalog. Maybe you just need some sexy new layers and a woodstove.

And well I guess there is always South America .

How was your PCT hike? Did you pen a memoir? So great as always to see you here.


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