In the mountain community where I live, many of the businesses host open houses during the holidays.  It’s a great tradition with lots of wine, cheese and sexy conversation. 
So I’ve decided to extend the concept to my blog.
For the month of December, Blog Me Sexy is hosting an open house. 

I wish I could engage you with a glass of Pinot Noir and some imported Gruyere Swiss, but since I can’t, we’ll have to focus on the sexy conversation part.

I’ve been blogging me sexy for over a year now.  My dear readers, you know so much about me.

I want to know you. 

I want to know what makes you wet, what makes you hard, what makes your body pulse with passion.  I want to know about the fun flirtation at the office Christmas party, the old lover you ran into while visiting your parents, the fabulous dress you have for New Year’s Eve. I want to know why you read this blog, what you like, what you don’t like, what you’d like to see from it in the New Year.

This month I’ll be deviating from my Sexy Thursday blogging schedule and will be posting sporadically (if at all) between open houses, solstice yoga classes and back country skiing in the Tetons.  

But I’ll be checking in to comment on your comments.

So if you haven’t already, give your sexy self a pen name and blog sexy with me.

I look forward to the dialogue.

Sexy Tease:
I’m working on an essay about orgasmitivity (love that word, don’t you?). It’s getting pretty deep and involved for a single blog post.  I hope to ring in the New Year by unveiling it in a two or three part series 

With the holidays just around the corner, I thought I’d share a couple of my sexy airport games.

Since I unknowingly married a spanker, one of our favorites is called Spanky Butt.

The object of the game is to find, and then discreetly point out to your traveling partner, a fellow traveler with an ass that is just begging to be spanked. 

For example, I might grab my man’s elbow, lean into him and say Whack as I turn my gaze across the terminal towards a business woman in high heels and tight dress slacks that hug her voluptuous hips so perfectly that my hand stings with the desire to give her an appreciative slap.

The challenge is to catch that short window of visibility so your partner can appreciate a Spanky Butt without both of you looking like idiots.

So, try to abstain from grabbing your partner’s hand and running through a terminal to catch up with a Spanky. Also, this game isn’t about anatomical perfection. It’s more about timing, discretion, and the attitude of the person sporting that spankable butt.

You can still play even if you are flying solo. Or you can toy with this one: You absolutely must pick a lover from the collection of people at your gate.  Who do you pick?

Wishing you safe, sexy travels!

P.S. I'm traveling for the Thanksgiving holiday so I won't be posting next week.  Enjoy

I had one of those omigod,omigod,omigod moments last week. It was orgasmic for sure, one of those sensory, full-body climaxes rather than a sexual, genital one.

Allow me to elaborate.

I was running at sunrise with my little pit bull, following his lead as he hugged a trail through the willows beside the river.  I looked upstream and saw a bird, a big one, flying towards us.  

I anticipated a blue heron since I’d just seen one in the distance.  Herons stir something deep and reflective that I share with my sisters, so I stopped in my tracks to have a Spiritual Heron Sister Moment.

But what I got instead was a Sexy Owl Peter Moment.

If the stunning, yellow-eyed raptor noticed me gasping in awe just six feet away as he drifted by, he didn't show it.  I dropped to my knees as his trajectory reflected in the mirrored calm of the river that was shimmering pink with the dawn.

Every inch of my skin flushed with goose bumps and my first thought, as it always is when I see an owl, is of my friend Peter who is handsome, charismatic and damn sexy.  He has a smile that could melt a glacier and when he shines it my way I feel like I could melt one too.

Back in college after a night of margaritas or mushrooms or marijuana or all three (we were in college) Peter and I had the brilliant idea to go for a full moon hike.  We climbed the hill up to the reservoir west of Fort Collins and when we got to the top and looked east, we saw the silhouette of a Great Horned Owl perched on a branch, perfectly centered in the brilliant white disc of the full moon.

We were as high as Kilimanjaro already, but that image and the timing and the absolute perfection of it launched us both into a higher realm of ecstasy, one neither of us will ever forget.

And I get to relive it every time I see an owl. And the sexy thing is, I know Peter does too.

Sexy Prompt: 
What gives you a full-body sensory orgasm?  Skiing waist-deep powder?  Paddling into the Green Room on the Snake River?  Come on, tell me.

Sexy Link: 
Check out this owl video.  I bet you can guess who sent it to me.