My favorite sexy science writer is at it again.  

This time he is writing about orgasms.

I've blogged before about William J. Broad, the author of "The Science of Yoga: The Risks and Rewards", and his insights on the sexiness of yoga.

In a recent New York Times article by Broad, cleverly entitled, "I'll Have What She's Thinking" after this iconic scene ...


 ...Broad reports that scientists at Rutgers University are studying the neurophysiological basis of spontaneous orgasms, a type of autoeroticism seen mainly in women.

But this isn't about faking it.

In this article Broad writes about the study of 'energy orgasms' and how scientists are having female volunteers put their heads into giant machines and focus their attention on erotic fantasies. The scans reveal that the pleasure centers of their brains light up in a way indistinguishable from everyday orgasms. (I love that term).

Broad writes: 

"But the research is also illuminating a plausible neurological basis for the long intermingling of sexuality and mysticism and, in particular the teachings of tantra which arose in medieval India as a path to spiritual ecstasy."

 "Perhaps more important, it illustrates how little we really know of human physiology."

To which I would like to add:  perhaps it illustrates how little we know about a woman's orgasmic potential and her ability to reach ecstatic states without a lover or a vibrator but through her mind.

This aspect of women's sexuality fascinates me.  I've had my own experiences of spontaneous orgasms on my meditation cushion and yoga mat and it does indeed feel mystical to get so deep into my practice that I can stroke my clitoris with the touch of my breath and ignite my G-spot with a thought. 


So now you know the real reason why I am such a dedicated practitioner.

Researchers have long said that we only use about 10 percent of our brain and I'll believe it because that means there is a whole 90 percent, brimming with ecstatic potential, just waiting to be explored.

Meditation retreat anyone?

I have a lot more to say about this topic which is evident by the essays I've been drafting lately for my memoir.  

So... more to come, so to speak, on this topic.

Sexy Link: Click here to read the full New York Times article by Broad.
Sexy Ritual. 

I love the way those two words go together and the idea of using simple ceremony or tradition as a means of engaging more sensually with life.

The first morning my man and I woke up together, he brought me a cup of coffee in bed. This, of course, was grounds for marriage. I was so touched that I drank it  which was totally reckless since I get wired off a cup of decaffeinated green tea.

Let's just say I found a way to channel the buzz and eleven years later Coffee In Bed is still one of our favorite rituals.

I encourage you to try it whether you are single or in a relationship because either way, there is something completely decadent and loving about crawling back into bed with your morning coffee or tea.  Besides, testosterone levels are highest in the morning and why let that bit of biochemistry go to waste?

A few suggestions:

If you are flying solo: Allow this to be a potent self love ritual. Savor every sip. Drape your sexy self in some lingerie. Massage lotion into your skin. Indulge in some great reading material (like the Blog Me Sexy archives). Fantasize.

If you are with a lover:  Forego the sexy underwear and sip naked. Entangle your legs. Light candles. Be sure and keep your conversations focused on sensual things.  Share your dreams from the night before, especially sex dreams.  Read erotica or this blog to each other. Talk about what you are going to have for breakfast, anything really but work, bills or life issues.

And between sips, press your warms lips together and let those coffee-flavored tongues dance.


Sexy Prod:  
I met a couple a few years ago that had a ritual of sharing a bottle of champagne each month on the full moon.  What about you?  Any sexy rituals to share?
I've mentioned before that I'm winter sexy.

So when the aspen start doing this:

And the peaks get dusted like this:

I know I’m in for a few weeks of foreplay. 

Because as soon as the first hard frost hits (last week for me), the hot sun, bugs and pollen get turned off.

And I get so turned on.

I get turned on by the darker mornings when I can luxuriate in my yoga practice for over an hour and still catch the sunrise when I go out for a run. 

I get turned on by the sight of our freezer stuffed with packages of fresh elk. (If you've been reading this blog you already now about the sexiness of elk meat.)

I get turned on by the sound of a bull elk bugling at dawn, knowing that the tag is filled and I’m the only one in my hunter’s sights.

I get turned on by the heavy fragrance of pine filling my head as we fill the back of the truck with firewood.

I get turned on by a glass of red wine, warm on my lips, as the setting sun spews pink lava all over the sky.

I get turned on by the menthol-like sensation of a twilight breeze on my back as I float above my man in the hot tub.

I get so turned on by the sound of the aspen leaves quaking like rice paper castinettes that I have to lie flat on the earth and absorb it.  One windy day and that sexy percussive will be gone until next spring.

I could go on and on but I think you may be coming to the same conclusion as me.

Maybe I’m autumn sexy too.

Sexy Prod: What's turning you on this fall?