I'm about to unplug. No cell phone, no internet, no electricity.

This sounds incredibly sexy to me.  Especially since I'll be doing it for twenty-four days on the Colorado River in the depths of the Grand Canyon.

I've written five erotic essays from previous adventures with my man and that voluptuous stretch of river.

I can hardly wait to see what kind of material she has for me this time.

See you in May.

Stay Sexy,


I found a sexy file.

I was rushing out the door to rendezvous with my man at our cabin when he called and asked me to grab some tax documents. When I found the file he wanted in the cabinet, I partially snagged the file behind it as well and its contents slide out all over the office floor.

Annoyed, I reached down to shove all the papers back together and noticed the name on the tab .

It was my mine and it was written in my man's script.

I looked down at the top sheet of paper and saw the words Act One on the heading.  It was the first page of a play I wrote for him for Christmas a few years ago.

A role play.

I was the melancholy erotic dancer who wrapped my legs and longing around a stripper pole (I improvised with the log beam under the loft). He was the lonely graduate student who had been dragged to the strip club by his office buddies.  That was the year we almost burned the turkey.

Lying askew at the bottom of Act One was an unlabled, lumpy, legal-sized envelope.  I picked it up, intrigued by it’s heft and bulk and just about had an orgasm when I realized what it was.

My magnetic poetry set.  The erotic version.  It's been MIA.

Oh the sexy prose we composed!  But we had to dismantle our refrigerator smut when his family came for a visit. 

I ripped open the envelope and let a few words fall in my hand.  I couldn’t help myself and started pushing them around on the carpet.

We just got a new white refrigerator at the cabin. 
It’s about to get dirty.

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Everyone should have one.

I did it.

I found the sexy in taxes.

I’ll admit, it wasn’t easy. But I’m pretty determined here at Blog Me Sexy. 

At first, I found myself doing that typical procrastination thing.  A snack. A nap.  A cup of tea. Cleaning.

So let me deviate here for a moment and state loud and clear to myself and anyone else that needs to hear this: 

Procrastinating is so not sexy. 

It magnifies that which you are dreading, prolongs it, and more than doubles the agony. As soon as that light bulb when off, I resigned myself to a night with my calculator, determined to crank through my financial records and get back to living my sexy life.

But then something unexpected happened.  As I was reconciling my receipts with my credit card statements, I saw charges from all the sexy things I did last year.  Like this. And this. And this.  And her

Suddenly retracing my financial steps through the year got really juicy.  I got to relish in those sexy moments all over again…

…and start strategizing sexy expenses for this year.

Sexy Link:

I was curious and typed the words  'sexy' and 'taxes' into a Google search.  Voila!  Check out this blog: Budgets are Sexy

Under the column 10 Sexiest Posts, I found this post with tips on becoming a phone sex operator.
Last week I blogged about finding sensuousness in insomnia.

This week I thought I'd blog about the sexiness of doing taxes.

I....uh....I'm still working on that one.

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A short article on the G-spot.